Latin Adultery – Esperanza Gomez


Anthony is at the Gomez home because he owes Mr. Gomez some money. He isn’t home but his bombshell wife, Esperanza, is and invites Anthony to wait with her until he gets back. Anthony knows Mr. Gomez is a powerful man but what he doesn’t know is that Esperanza is a horny housewife who loves to fuck around behind her husband’s back…

Disgraced 18 – Halie Cummings

Halie Cummings, our busty lady friend, is out i her barn flirting with the creepy farmer from next door. She starts showing off her big farmer tits hoping to get milked or get milked on. She a freaky one that loves getting porked all kinds of nasty ways…

Wifey’s World – Open House BJ


We shot this video last week at a bank owned open house that was up for sale. There was no one around and it was ROASTING outside so we thought we’d be fairly safe doing a quick BJ. The realtor popped in about 15 minutes after we finished shooting, and damn would he have been surprised. the perv couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits telling us about the place!

8th Street Latinas – Krystal Jane

Mofos World Wide – Sweet Sugar


Mommy Got Boobs – Claudia Valentine


Claudia Valentine’s daughter is crying again over her boyfriend Billy because he has been fucking around with other girls and treating her like shit. Claudia tell her daughter that this tomfoolery has go to stop and that she will have a word with Billy boy. She sets him and his dick straight by fuck…

Big Tits In Sports – Britney Amber


Britney has a skateboard competition and goes to the park for some practice. Bill watches her performing some good tricks until she falls and hurts her knee. He runs to her aide and convinces her to go to his place, so she can try new padding for her big tits.

The Stepmother 3 – Trophy Wife

Cast: Dane Cross, Lisa Ann, Michelle Lay, Randy Spears, Sara Stone

Starring: Lisa Ann and Joey Brass! She’s His Dad’s Trophy Wife; He’s A College Drop Out. Together, They’re A Scandal Waiting To Happen! ‘Sweet Sinner’s first series returns, now starring the legendary Lisa Ann! When Randy Spears marries his hot, busty wife, he promises her that his kids are grown and moved out of the house. So trophy wife Lisa is none-too-thrilled when college dropout Dane Cross shows up to stay with his Dad for a while! Lisa immediately lays down the law and reminds Dane that she’s the boss, setting the stage for mutual tension and frustration. But is Lisa really concerned with her new marriage, or is she more interested in Dane and his hot, young friends?’

My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Skyla Paris

Enzo comes over to his father’s house to lay out by the pool, but his new girlfriend, Skyla, is already there. Enzo is pissed, he doesn’t like her and he doesn’t like the fact that she is mooching off his father. He finally gets into the pool with her, but tries to avoid her while swimming. She purposely gets in his way and then uses her feminine wiles to seduce him. There is just no avoiding that body!

Can He Score – Ivy Winters

This week we have the very beautiful Ivy Winters here. She’s only 19 and relatively new to the porn industry. Ivy loves to have sex with boys and with girls thats why she decided to turn it into a career. But since she travels a lot and sees a lot of different cocks and vaginas she wanted something that could be a little stable for when Ivy is home and has nothing to do. So we asked her to come on our show and that we would find her a man who can fit that bill. Thats when we found Avery Hill he’s a small town Electrician who has the biggest pair of mutton chop we’ve seen since 70’s porn. Well he wanted to meet a beautiful girl since according to him all the home town babes look like they got hit in the face by the ugly bard door. A pornstarlette and a Regular joe were set out on a mission to go on a date and to hit it off. Because we want to see CAN HE SCORE?!