Amanda Black – Ho-Ho-Hot! – Part 2.


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Horny Santa is spying on good girls and brings them some special presents! He’s been following the non-suspecting Amanda Black in the alley, just to hand her this very important special delivery. Who would have guessed that this special surprise is a hard cock to play with? Santa does everything to please Amanda… Don’t miss it, this scene is “Ho-ho-hot!”

Celia Vi – My Sisters Hot Friend


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While Celia has been on vacation, Anthony’s sister has been taking care of her house. Since she wasn’t able to pick her friend up at the airport, she sent brother Anthony to do it. When the two of them get to Celia house they find it has been broken into, and she’s been robbed. Not only is the place a disaster but also her TV and stereo are gone. When she calls the cops they tell her it’s going to be three hours before they can get anyone out to make a report. Crestfallen, she turns to Anthony for support, and out of nowhere tries to kiss him. He knows she’s just upset, and having sex isn’t going to solve anything. On the other hand, he’s always had the hots for her, and they do have three hours to kill……

Persia Pele – Naughty Office


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Persia has never liked the office kiss ass but when her nerd co-worker is in the way of her paycheck she turns up the charm and shows this nerd what Persian pussy feels like.

Courtney Cummz – Today’s Lunch Special – My Tits!


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Courtney is a lazy and filthy cafeteria lady who’d rather sit around doing nothing and masturbating than actually preparing decent meals for the students. Danny and his pals come for lunch and brazenly flirt with her, thinking she will be offended, but she actually likes it. Danny’s pals get all shy and squirm away, but she won’t let Danny get away with that. She brings him behind the lunch counter to personally feed him her milky lunch special.

Cindy Dollar, Cindy Hope – Nothing In This World Is Free


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Cindy Hope is a tourist. She goes to a hostel. But, it looks like a fancy mansion instead. Cindy Dollar and two girls welcome her in, they take her bags, feed her, massage her, and tell her to go to bed. She doesn’t know that all this is going to cost her. Suddenly,Cindy wakes up naked and starts wondering, she ends on table and is going to get fucked by Cindy Dollar with the help of the other girls.

Teagan Summers, Jayla Diamond – HOliday Cheer


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James is a depressed shopping mall Santa who hates kids, but Christmas will cum early this year, as Jayla and Teagan decide to sit on his lap.They’ve been very naughty girls, but they’re about to teach Santa that being good is lame because being bad is so much better!

Natalie – Holiday Hunting


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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I get to shoot my gift as many times as possible. The milfs love it when the holiday spirit is deep in them. Santa sent me two of his sexiest helpers. I fucked them both and served them some of my finest eggnog

Brooke Lee Adams – Dinner For Three


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Brooke is a cheating little whore who’s getting her hole plugged on a daily basis by Billy and her husband Sal knows all about it. After coming home early one day and nearly catching the two in the act, Sal invites Billy to dinner whereupon he confronts the couple about their affair. But here’s where things get interesting. Rather than putting a cap in Billy’s ass, he encourages Billy to fuck his wife in front of him.

Holly West – You Had Yours Now Its My Turn


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On her way to a fetish party, Holly’s revealing costume lands her in jail for suspected prostitution.Despite her insisting that it’s all a mistake, Scott, a hard nose police captain doesn’t believe a word of it.With nobody to believe her and no means to bail herself out, Holly has no other choice but to suck her way out.

Jessica Jaymes, Alanah Rae, Kortney Kane – Deck The Balls With Girls Real Naughty


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Jessica, Alanah, and Kortney sure love cock, and want nothing else for christmas than a giant dick. If only they would have been nice rather than naughty, maybe Santa Claus would have given them something better than coal. Lucky for them, Santa is a little naughty himself, and he doesn’t mind showing them a little christmas spirit.