My Wife’s Hot Friend – Ava Addams

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Tommy and his wife Lexi are sunbathing by their pool. Lexi invited her friend Ava to stop by and Tommy doesn’t mind that at all! Lexi asks her hubbie to rub lotion on her back and while he is doing that, Ava would like some lotion as well. A stern look from the wife stops Tommy in his tracks and he is left to watch the gorgeous Ava rub it in herself. His wife falls asleep soon after and when Ava goes into the cabana on the far end of the pool, Tommy decides to make his move!

My Sisters Hot Friend – Alison Tyler

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Danny storms into the sorority house looking for his younger sister, who isn’t there. Alison answers the door and attempts to calm him down. He is all riled up because the girls are coming to his house and using his washer/dryer and while waiting they are eating and drinking his food. This is getting him in trouble with his girlfriend, who is now holding back the sex from him. Alison laughs at that, and says listen, if that’s all it takes to keep using your place for washing clothes, no problem, she has wanted to fuck him for a long time anyway!

My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Victoria Lawson

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With his Dad blowing him off for yet another father/son birthday, Chris is pretty bummed. Lucky for him Dad’s new girlfriend Victoria is here to save the day! Surprising him with a birthday cake, she set’s to feeding him some sweets, and when things get a little messy Chris decides to make her a little messy with his big sweet cock.

Real Ex Girlfriends – Danni Dillion

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This guy had a 19 year old for a while and he’s like 40 something! Lucky sonofabitch I tell ya. Anyways, she ended up going to college and getting smart leaving his ass crying like a resentful bitch. At least he shared his sextape of him ramming her ass till is was all nice and red…

Teen Hitchhikers – Gigi Rivera

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My Wife’s Hot Friend – Joslyn James

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Joslyn has come over to see Carlo to discuss her problem. She is a kindergarten teacher and happens to have Carlo’s son in her class. She is an old college buddy of Carlo’s wife, and so she is trying to fix the problem without going to the principal. He is having some aggression issues, and she knows that Carlo can fix it. He explains the situation and wants to thank her for personally coming over to help. Of course his thanks include kissing her and fondling her breasts! She is caught up in the throes of passion, and they get down and dirty right there in the living room!

Mikes Apartment – Lara

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We have the cutest of girls looking to stay over at the apartment today. She has gorgeous eyes and an awesome tight body to boot. The price is pretty steep for several days but the boys soon offer her another deal and shes all for it. Dont miss out on this hottie fucking her way to a free stay at Mikes apartment.

I Know That Girl – Bridgete Palmer


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Big Naturals – Kendra

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Kendra was home chilling when Jerry came through and showed her some love. She was a little busy but never for Jerry her old flame. He was very nostalgic with her tits and would try anything to get in between them. She too felt nostalgic for his long cock and she longed to feel it. Jerry grabbed Kendras boobies and she couldnt resist. Before you knew it Jerry was titty fucking Kendra and she was loving it!

Milfs Like It Big – Ava Addams


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Ava is a smoking hot and very domineering MILF who orders her butler, Keiran, around like a slave. Keiran is subjected to further humiliation when Ava’s friends come over and mock him for having a “small cock.” When they actually touch it though, they quickly realize he’s packing some serious heat. …