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Latina Rampage – Daisy Cruz


In this exciting episode of Latina we find our selves in L.A. instead of Miami for a little Californication. Bill Bailey is on his way to the park to meet up with a young Cubanita named Daisy Cruz. She likes to go to the park and feed the ducks in the pond. She likes and we like to fuck. Actually she likes to fuck for a buck cuz she decided to let us film her getting railed hard and apparently she likes it that way. After feeding some foul we take her back to the crib for a little r and r. We don’t play games my friends. We get right down to business. After she takes off her cute lil shirt and shows us her goods she gets right down on her knees and commences the dick sucking. Ms. Daisy can get down and dirty yall. She rides the cock like it’s the last horse in the desert.

Latina Rampage – Selena Castro

Holy shit Selena Castro is fucking hot!! An Argentinian dream come true. It’s like she fell out of tittie heaven right in to Bang Bros lap! How is it that Mikey gets to have fun with Ms. Fun Bags and i”m stuck here doing paper work huh??!! Mikey you’re a lucky man my friend. So they go pick this beaut up at a restaurant where she was having a bite to eat and it just so happens that she wants to be a porn star. She’s already got my attention for sure. Once she takes off her shirt and bra I’m a happy man indeed. I have never seen a more slippery, sloppy and wet blow job in my life. Best Latina to do it so far with out a doubt. Did I mention she can fuck? She fucks sooo good it’s hard not to stare and rewind, rewind, rewind and rewind some more. It’s the Bang Bros gets down yall!!

Latina Rampage – Carina Devoe


Carina Devoe is a Cuban mami with a nice ass and perfectly shaped tits. She’s got streaks of blonde and brown in her hair and a smile to drop your draws. Usually we have to convince an unsuspecting hottie to join us or to take some pics with us, but Carina was down from the start to film. She’s an exhibitionist and has been dying to get in to the porn game for some time. You have to see this chick! She’s sweet and demure. Who doesn’t like a shy girl/freak??!! I know I do. After meeting up at a quaint spot she decides to not even get a bite to eat. She wants to get right down to the fun. Now Mike slipped up the last time when he slept in. How can you sleep in knowing you’re going to fuck a beautiful latina mama??!! Ridiculous is you ask me.

Living With Anna – Latina Ruvi

If you come to eat her out, you better come with a strategic way to munch on that pussy cause it will make Anna angry if you lip around in her pussy, she wants some tongue in her pussy, tongue in her ass, and plenty of finger action. Don’t believe me, ask the last person who came lipping around her pussy, well, actually, he’s here with us. This dude Nick, lipped around with her and it drove her away from eating her pan con croqueta. So she decided to do the lipping bandit a solid and took on the mission to teach him how to eat pussy. He was a good student, so good that she came and returned the favor, pussy working 101, class is in session!

Living With Anna – Latina Ruvi


Anna wants Hummus for breakfast, it’s not your everyday thing, but she likes what she sees in the waiter taking care of us. So she goes in to talk to him and then she disappears. She takes the camera to the back where she meets up with the waiter. He takes a break to take her somewhere private, and the private place is outside and she pulls down his pants and goes to suck his cock but the bloke won’t come and his break is almost over, so she leaves searching his nut while she goes back to breakfast. If the going gets going and the cumming don’t get cumming, Anna is liable to leave you playing with yourself in a private place.

Living With Anna – Latina Ruvi

There’s a friend by the name of Donnie and he’s sitting in the living room. He wears a paper bag on his head with a happy face painted on it, I think he’s shy but shy goes away when Anna starts to play, and when the playing gets playing, Anna works on his cock, and cock goes in her like she takes on the cock. There’s a happy face hitting that ass from behind, and even though he’s shy he pounds on that ass, and now the ass behind the mask takes a load off and Anna takes it like a champ and the man behind the mask leaves the couch with a smile.

Latin Adultery – Milla Mason


Milla Mason is late for an audition and pleads with the casting director to give her a shot. He tells her that she’s doesn’t have the right look for the part because he’s not looking for young, hot and Latin. But that doesn’t stop Milla from demonstrating her full body… of corporeal talent!!

Latin Adultery – Mercedes Ashley

Levi uses his neighbor’s pool all the time, but they left and sold the place to Mercedes and her husband, who is always away on business. They sit and have small talk, and although Levi just wants to use the pool….Mercedes won’t let him, unless he gives her pussy some of that great dick.

Latin Adultery – Angelina Valentine


205 mb / 00:26:15 / 720 x 540 / wmv

Angelina Valentine is promiscuous. Since her husband can’t give her what she needs, she relies on the help of strangers to fulfill her desires. She got lucky last time with Mr. Pete, and he has some friends he sends over when he can’t fit her into his calendar. Angelina’s happy again with this stranger’s cock stuffing her schedule and pussy!!!

Latin Adultery – Catalina Taylor

Catalina is a spoiled woman and out of boredom she’s decided to have some work done around the house. Seems she’s set her horny eyes on the strong painter and since her husband isn’t around why not try a piece of strong cock? As hard as John tries to ignore her advances he just can’t resist this horny woman’s dick sucking skills.