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The Sensual Houseboat (1978)


Description: The Sensual Houseboat is really a trilogy — three tales of love and lust distinguished by the pulchritude of the participant pussy.
The first is set on the titular houseboat, where two young marrieds are celebrating their second honeymoon by fucking the shit out of each other (as every second honeymoon ought to be celebrated).
The second tale, with the remarkably blunt title Cunt Putter Service (honest) is almost a monologue by a husky, bearded bullshit artist. The little gal he’s seducing is a nubile blonde right off the cover of some Scandinavian nudist mag — you know the type — and the Deviate’s blood pressure shot up to critical levels at the sight of her licking fatso’s lollipop.
The third, called More & More, nearly did the Deviate in. A girl in panties is fencing with some tall dude and oh, oh, oh, this girl! An American cover-girl type, co-ed of the year, her little bud breasts and tender lithe body have haunted the Deviate’s daydreams since he laid eyes on her! His blood pressure, already in peril from girl #2, blew the seal on the stethoscope or periscope or whatever the hell that thing is that measures blood pressure. Definitely worth a look.

Girls Who Love Girls 3 (1989)


Description: “A Carnival of Flaping Cunt Lips Tit Sucking and Dildo Poking! They can’t get enough of that hot, wet muff!!! Pop in this dvd, relax, and brace yourself for some of the hottest lesbian action to date!!!!”

World Of Peeping Toms (1973)


Starring: Carmel Monterey, Penny King, Rene Bond, Rick Lutze

Description: A roving camera crew, doing a documentary on peeping toms, haunt garbage-strewn back alleyways. They interview a variety of degenerates (who look a little like Johnny Legend)
The first lunk is outfitted in a tattered straw hat, trenchcoat and huge dark shades. They catch him in the act and give him the third degree. (“How long have you been peeping? Ever watch your sister get undressed?”) He briefly discusses his filthy habits then panics and runs away1 The camera pans into the window he was eyeballing and focuses on some hardcore lust courtesy of Rene Bond and a hired schlong.
After Rene blows his fuse we meet another bearded loon with glasses (do I detect a pattern here?). This guy’s much more amiable. He prefers “college girls” and gives us a few helpful hints. Time for another sex tryst. A couple improvise some dialogue (bad move) then do the deed. Right in the middle the crew start asking questions. “Excuse me. do you mind people watching7? “Not as long as they don’t interrupt.” says loverboy.
The next prowler says peeping keeps him in shape. (He has taken up logging for easy getaways!) He prefers climbing up on rooftops with binoculars (“If you don’t see any action at least the view is nice …”) This leads to another gash bash as two well-nippled tramps bump bushes. The End.

The Erotic Boutique (1972)


Starring: Chlorine Stillwater, Tony Deluca, Chlorine Stillwater

Description: Tony, owner of The Erotic Boutique, turns girls on by selling them antique clothing — a perfectly reasonable premise for a porno movie. While getting head from a lovely ’70s vixen, Tony says, “Give it a few more sucks, baby, and then climb aboard!” That’s Tony for you! A character right out of a cheap TV commercial for aluminum siding or a car paint job.
Of greater interest than Tony, however, is Tony’s shopgirl. You may recognize her as the sweet meat from He and She, the living end of nubility and nookie. She actually smiles with a cock in her mouth! As the poet Keats said, “A gal who really enjoys giving head is a joy forever.”
The dialogue is cretinous. You can regularly overhear the director issuing commands to the confused actors and, in one unforgettable moment, after one actress asks a question and another actress doesn’t respond, there’s an awkward silence until the first actress leans over and whispers, “You’re supposed to say, Try this, it’s very pretty’”— a line which the forgetful actress, after a beat, at long last delivers!
If that ain’t enough, the final scene is set at the beach — which is really the same room where the boutique props were set up, only now there’s a blanket on the floor! Only the ’70s could have generated such a film. The Deviate luved it!

Ultimate Lover (1986)


Finding their male partners to be less than perfect, two girls design a sexually superior man in the form of an android who can more than satisfy every women’s desire. But they made him just a little too perfect; unleashing a Frankenstein monster of sexual frenzy on the world. Well plotted with red-hot sex scenes and outstanding acting.
Ultimate Loveris the ultimate sex film.

The Adultress (1987)


Starring: Alexa Parks, Blondi, Jamie Summers, Keisha, Krista Lane, Sheri St. Clair, Blake Palmer, Buck Adams, Hershel Savage, Scott Irish, Tony Montana

Description: Alicia is a very bored, very rich housewife who loves seedy motels and insatiable studs who make hot sweaty love to her for hours on end!

The Red Head (1989)


Starring: Heather Hunter, Siobhan Hunter, Tami Monroe, Rick Savage, Robert Bullock

Description: A descendent of a Scandinavian sex goddess (Courtney Hill) is discovered behind the counter of a fast food restaurant by a Doctor and her associate (Heather Hunter) who arouse her natural erotic energy. It makes way for lots of titillating action! Enjoy!

Suzie Creamcheese (1988)


Starring: Christine Robbins, Jacqueline Lorians, Lynn LeMay, Siobhan Hunter, Michael Knight, Rick Savage, Ron Jeremy

Description: Come and take a taste of the most delicious creamcheese ever made! Suzie uses all natural products, lots of love, and a secret ingredient that makes her creamcheese the one to eat! But the one thing that Suzie likes more than eating is sex. And Suzie proves that she knows what she is doing in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen.

Swedish Erotica : Nina Hartley (Compilation 1975)


Starring: Alex White; Debi Diamond [LezOnly]; Debbie Areola (as Debra Areola) [BJOnly Facial]; Nina Hartley; Porsche Lynn; Susan Herbst [LezOnly]; Buddy Love; Christoph Clark; Joey Silvera; John Leslie [BJOnly]; Mike Horner; Paul Thomas; Tom Byron

Description: Re-Digitized Footage featuring Nina Hartley in scenes from More to Take Off, Fantasizing At Work, Making The Deal, Big Balls, From Head To Toes, Ladies Room, Fuck Inspector, Fore Play, and Payphone Booth Lovers.

Swedish Erotica : Vanessa Del Rio (Compilation 1988)


Starring: Vanessa Del Rio, Georgette Saunders, Jesie St. James, Pipi Anderson, Alan Adrian, Alan Marlow, Billy Dee, David Ruby, George Payne, Hershel Savage, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas, Rod Pierce, Roger Caine, Ron Jeremy

Description: “Swedish Erotica 88” features classic footage from Vanessa Del Rio! This film includes hot scenes from “House of Pleasure,” “ Looking For Sex,” “DP Latin,” “Miss Caliente,” “Private Teacher,” “Paid Off Sex,” and “I Can’t Wait”! Enjoy!